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Scott Jeffrey is enormously proud to have been chosen by the New York Libertarians to lead our effort this year.

Libertarians believe in liberty freedom from government control over our lives.  Nationally, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in America with over 300 elected officials serving the public twice as many as all other third parties combined.  Our success flows directly from our unwavering support of the rights of all Americans, from gays to gun owners, from business owners to pot smokers.

In the 2000 elections, the Libertarian Party contested a majority of seats in both houses of Congress, marking the first time in 80 years any third party had done so.  Collectively we received 1.7 million votes, marking the first time ever any third party has received over one million votes in the congressional elections.  Jeffrey is proud to note that he was one of those candidates and shared in making modern political history.

This year the Jeffrey for Governor campaign is going to make political history in New York State. Now is your opportunity to take action and share in our success.

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