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Scott Jeffrey's passion for freedom did not end when his campaign for New York Governor concluded. He has continued his fight by relaunching his Legalize website to incorporate his broader pro-liberty agenda. Please click the link to learn more about what you can do to contribute.

We have left the old Vote Jeffrey website up for the curious.


Scott Jeffrey is running for Governor of New York State to Empower Youth by providing our generation a voice in politics.  Young New Yorkers are politically apathetic because we never meet candidates with whom we identify and who campaign on issues relevant to our lives.  We need leadership ready to represent!

Jeffrey is also running to Legalize Marijuana.  There are over twenty million Americans who smoke pot at least occasionally.  We don't deserve to go to jail or lose our jobs for our choice of lifestyle.

Lastly, Jeffrey is running to expand Choice in Education.  As a teenager he attended Midwood High School in Brooklyn.  Midwood is what is called a magnet school a public school that takes students from outside its district.  We need to get away from the concept of a neighborhood school that a child is forced to attend.  Choice allows for diversity, and diversity creates academic success.

Jeffrey is a long-time youth activist.  He has run the Legalize Web site ( since 1996.  In 2000, he ran for United States Congress in upper Manhattan against 32-year incumbent Charles Rangel.  Last year, he ran for Manhattan Borough President and fielded a team of nine other Libertarian running mates.

This year, Jeffrey running for Governor with the goal of receiving 50,000 votes to give the Libertarian Party official status in New York State.  This will allow the Party to run hundreds of youth candidates every year and groom a new generation of leadership.

Please support Jeffrey this November 5th.


On Tuesday, August 20, we submitted to the Board of Elections our petition to place Scott Jeffrey on the ballot as an official gubernatorial candidate.  To qualify, the campaign needed to collect 15,000 signatures from registered New York voters in six short weeks.  We went well beyond that already Herculean task and submitted over 19,000 signatures.

Our petition drive was 75% volunteer and cost less than a quarter of what was spent by the Libertarians four years ago.  Jeffrey himself personally collected 6000 signatures.  We also made effective use of joint petitioning where down-ticket candidates share their petition with us.  Jeffrey first employed this technique last year in the local NYC elections; this year it netted us over 5000 signatures.


Please consider making a $10 contribution to receive a pair of complementary campaign buttons as thanks for your support!

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