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Scott Jeffrey is running for governor with one overriding goal, to empower youth by providing our generation a voice in politics.  Young New Yorkers are politically apathetic because we never meet candidates with whom we identify, who speak our language, and who campaign on issues relevant to our lives.  We need leadership ready to represent.

When Jeffrey first ran for office two years ago, he went up against Representative Charles Rangel in Harlem.  Charley first won his congressional seat in 1968 the same year Jeffrey was born and routinely receives over 90% of the vote.  But winning wasn't the point.

Jeffrey's goal was simply to complete a campaign to learn how it was done so he could then take that knowledge and run a team of youth candidates the following year.  And that's exactly what he did.

Last year, he led a 13,000-signature petition drive to put ten Libertarian candidates on the ballot in New York City.  Nearly all were in their 20's and 30's and collectively we received over 20,000 votes.  This year Jeffrey intends to take those same skills and apply them statewide.

Every year we grow stronger.  Jeffrey has no doubt that one day he will win office and will serve with distinction.  Others will win as well.  But it starts with being bold now, with running youth candidates and grooming a new generation of leadership.

When Jeffrey talks about empowering youth, this isn't a campaign promise of what he might do if elected.  This is an ongoing accomplishment that he builds on every day.

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Scott Jeffrey was a youth activist before joining the Libertarian Party.  In 1996, he founded Legalize ( a commercial website empowering ordinary Americans to speak out to legalize marijuana.  Marijuana legalization has always been and will always remain his top priority.

Marijuana legalization is a moderate, mainstream issue supported by millions of New Yorkers from all walks of life.  There are hundreds of reasons it should be legal, from medical to environmental to criminal justice to plain common sense.  Jeffrey does have two favorites that he considers most important.

First is that there are over 20 million Americans who smoke pot at least occasionally.  The vast majority are productive, patriotic citizens who are otherwise law-abiding.  We don't deserve to go to jail or lose our jobs for our choice of lifestyle.

Second is that marijuana is, in fact, a stepping stone to harder drugs.  Not because you develop a tolerance and crave a stronger high, but simply by being illegal.  Young New Yorkers who get involved in marijuana are introduced to drug dealers who then try to sell them something else.  Marijuana is a soft, illegal drug that bridges the gap between soft, legal and hard, illegal drugs.

In addition, legalizing marijuana will allow a consistent and credible condemnation of illicit drug use from all segments of society.  Part of the current problem is that after hearing to "Just Say No" to drugs, many young New Yorkers try marijuana, decide it is no big deal, and wonder about cocaine and Ecstasy.

If we want to protect our nation's youth from the drugs that are truly destroying both individual lives and entire communities, we need to be honest, get real, and legalize marijuana.

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Scott Jeffrey seeks to expand choice in public education.  He went to Midwood High School in Brooklyn. It is what is called a magnet school a public school that takes students from outside its district.

There are many such successful magnet schools in New York.  What they all have in common is choice schools selecting students and students having the final say where to attend. Choice allows for diversity, and diversity creates academic success.

We need to get away from the concept of a neighborhood school that a child is forced to attend.  Educational options provide students real rewards for hard work in the early grades.

New York's schoolchildren are the brightest in the world.  They demand an education to match.

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Scott Jeffrey seeks to extend civil marriage to same-sex couples.  Marriage is society's most fundamental institution.  It promotes healthier and happier lives and fulfills a critical role in supporting our communities.  Marriage is the God-given Right of all Americans, gays and lesbians included.

New York State's constitution is unique in that its language regarding marriage is gender-neutral, referring to spouses rather than husband and wife.  No new legislation needs to be passed to allow same-sex marriage in New York the governor simply needs to enforce the existing provisions.

No gubernatorial candidate has any excuse on this issue.  Once elected, it will be entirely within his or her authority to make it happen.  When Jeffrey is elected governor, his first act will be to order the county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples in New York State.

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Scott Jeffrey seeks to have gun laws apply equally to all citizens of our state, regardless of race or age. Two New York laws need to be repealed.

Repeal the Sullivan Law.  New York's Sullivan Law gives discretionary authority to state agencies in issuing gun permits.  Law-abiding citizens must prove to government bureaucrats that they have a "legitimate" or "compelling" reason to own a firearm.  This requirement has nothing to do with passing a background check.

Discretion is a synonym for discrimination.  Since no reason is required to be given if a permit application is denied, the potential for abuse is enormous.  The New York Libertarian Party has repeatedly called for a civil rights investigation to uncover whether racial profiling is systematic in the issuance of gun permits under the Sullivan Law.  Both Democrat and Republican elected officials supposed champions of civil rights and gun rights, respectively have ignored our call.

Repeal the NYC Charter "Gun Violence" Amendment.  Last year New York City voters approved a City Charter amendment creating "gun-free" school zones within 1,000 feet of a school and banning the sale of any type of gun to adults under the age of 21. Now, we're not talking here about reasonable gun control measures; we're talking about out-and-out prohibition.

These targeted infringements of gun rights set an extraordinarily dangerous precedent. If gun ownership can be banned for citizens living in certain locations or younger than a given age, extending this ban to all citizens of our state is only a matter of time.

This ballot proposal was cleverly crafted to pretend to protect children from violence. Libertarians categorically reject the proposition that restricting the God-given, constitutionally protected rights of Americans is ever an answer to crime.

This charter revision highlights the need to be vigilant in the protection of all our rights. The idea of "gun-free" school zones seems natural to voters already comfortable with "drug-free" school zones. Similarly, after a generation has grown up under the yoke of the 21 drinking age, the loss of gun rights for so-called "minors" sparks no outrage, even among youth themselves.

Libertarians see the bigger picture and understand that the loss of our rights on one issue sets the stage for future losses in other areas of our lives.

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Scott Jeffrey believes in full rights for all adults when they turn eighteen. The first three years of citizenship should not be a lesson in hypocrisy and lawbreaking.

If 18 is the voting age, then 18 is the drinking age.  The 21 drinking age was never the choice of the people of New York State.  Nor was it the choice of our elected representatives.  It was imposed on us in violation of our rights by the federal government.  As governor, Jeffrey won't be afraid to stand up to Washington D.C. to put an end to this absurdity.

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Scott Jeffrey recognizes the new cigarette tax for what it is - a regressive tax on the workers of our city. The $3-a-pack tax (both city and state) costs the average smoker over $1000 a year. Just like the State Lottery, the cigarette tax is promoted as "voluntary". But also just like the lottery, the money raised comes from the New Yorkers least able to afford it.

Impoverishing addicted smokers won't save their lives. To help them quit, treatment must be more affordable.

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Scott Jeffrey is fighting to repeal the Cabaret Laws. Cabaret Laws make dancing illegal and are used to close our city's bars, clubs and lounges.  These businesses provide 27,000 jobs to young actors, artists, DJ's and musicians.  Protecting this industry is vital to preserving our city's vibrant youth culture.  Dancing is not a "quality of life" crime Americans have the right to dance!

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Extend the Right to Run for Office to All New Yorkers.  It's amazing that we live in the Twenty-First Century and although we all agree on the right to vote, no one even talks about the right to run for office.

New York State imposes a five-year residency requirement to be a candidate.  This outrageous restriction on free elections hits youth the hardest, depriving us of some of our strongest leadership.

As governor, Jeffrey will present the voters with the state referendum needed to strike this requirement down.  All New Yorkers, regardless of how long they have lived here, have the right to run for office.

Abolish the NYC Campaign Finance Program.  In the New York City elections last year, over $41,000,000 of taxpayer money was doled out to candidates to subsidize their campaigns.  Of that $41,000,000 given out, $39,000,000 went to Democratic candidates.  Another 5% went to Republicans still a healthy $2,000,000.  The eight third parties combined got less than 1% of the public funds.  That amounted to just $330,000 to be divided among them.

In Jeffrey's own campaign for Manhattan Borough President, he was not eligible to receive any money.  Taxpayer dollars only went to "serious" candidates, which the law defined as those raising over $50,000.  In effect, Jeffrey was officially labeled a second-class candidate by the government.

All candidates that appear on the ballot should be treated equally.  Instead, Jeffrey's opponent, an incumbent Democrat, was handed a $440,000 check money she certainly didn't need to be re-elected with over 70% of the vote.

The NYC Campaign Finance Program is a fraud and should be renamed to reflect what it truly is, the Democratic Party Finance Program.

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